The one-second plumber


Lifehack Device for your home or office – simple to use, easy to get!

It is a special device that instantly cleans wastewater and various clogs of WCs, tubs, and showers by avoiding the use of ecologically dangerous products. It is absolutely harmless to your body, does not cause allergic reactions, and is guaranteed not to damage any sewer or plumbing fixtures.

In one second, the plumber will remove most clogs and clean sluggish runoff. Yet items that are stuck firmly in the toilet or sewer, such as tiny accessories, hairpins, hair combs, etc., might involve the help of a “kite” or a qualified sanitary technician.

We also do not recommend utilizing this device in connected plumbing drains that may still have chemicals such as acids or alkalis present. Be aware that spatter from these substances may cause burns to the skin or eyes.

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Instructions For Usage

One-Second Plumber is extremely simple to use. A single jerry can of this product has approximately 12-24 doses or usage for 12 or 24 loads, as appropriate. You will need to shake the aerosol can properly prior to using the appliance. If it’s feasible, pour in enough water to close the blue plastic lid before use. If this is impossible, such as in a shower or underfloor outlet, pour water round the cap. Secure the outlets of the spillway so that the force of the one-second plumber is aimed at clogging the flush. Ensure that you block the second flush hole on the double sink.

Use For Single And Double Basins:

The proprietary multi-purpose plug adapter option is not available for cleaning kitchen sinks or bathtubs. To learn more, read the instructions on the spray can. If your basin or bathtub has a metallic growler cap, just pull off the yellow inset from the blue poly plastic tab. Then fix the plastic tip cap to the stopper to make a gasket on the flush.

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Black and yellow universal adapter and their application

Whenever available, utilize the big black proprietary multi-purpose adapter to provide the ultimate gasket around the toilet or shower outlet. You don’t need it for the basin. Point out that the proprietary multi-purpose adapter has a toggle design. The shorter end is usable for the toilet The bigger end is suitable for showers and floor flushes.

To utilize it for the toilet, shake the tub thoroughly, then put the proprietary multi-purpose adapter on top of the plastic lid and fit the tank extendable knob. Insert the Proprietary All-Purpose Adaptor into the neck of the toilet bowl, forming a gasket. The plastic lid should be submerged in water. Next, push hard down for one second and loosen. There is a chance that you may not be able to break through the clog the first time, so repeat the above manipulation.

To break through the debris in a shower or underfloor outlet with a removable grate, radiators installation the device to the plastic cap and flood the outlet with water. Then add water over the flush and pour some water to fill the plastic lid. Then press and release as instructed.

   The yellow adapter sits tightly against the open outlet, sealing it for best efficiency. Take off the yellow adapter, and the improved design of the lid lets the One-Second Plumber work around the mechanical outlet plug.       


The majority of clogs are removed by the first second. On the basis of a one-second parcel, one-second plumber supplies the specified amount of uses (12 uses for the refill can and 24 uses for the can). Sometimes 3 or 4 quick shots may be required for sustained blocking.  A flush that is still blocked out after 3 or 4 boosts may need the help of a waterman.

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